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Dedicated server VPS Cloud Servers chose between Linux and Windows server in Morocco?


 Has the difference of an accommodation said "shared", a dedicated hosting indicates that your site is hosted on a dedicated machine only to your site, a dedicated server allows you to have a access and total control on a hard drive that you is fully dedicated to host your web sites. So you can install, configure, and operate the applications and services you need without any constraint.

You are thus the only master on board and you can meet all of the requirements of your customers.

In addition, you do not have to rely therefore more of an administrator to manage your services, which allows you to become totally independent. With our offers of dedicated servers. Have your own platform for the Professional Accommodation and fully customizable.

Your own name servers.
You are free to attach to your customers your own rates.
You get a commercial management and preferred technique.
The Dedicated Server allows you to benefit from a total freedom both at the level of the applications used (asp, .net, Access, SQL Server, Windev, exchange...) that the software usually associated to the Windows system.

Windows Server 2012 Web Edition
includes the new architecture of IIS 7.5/ASP.Net as well as the Microsoft .NET Framework. This architecture is used to deploy Internet and Intranet applications developed in ASP.NET

thanks to the management of your server remotely, you can administer continuously your server via the Internet as if you were in front of your server.

A server on extent optimized for the hosting of web sites as well as the hosting of complex applications, and which integrates different technologies own development in Linux environment and free software. We are constantly looking for the performance and the maximum quality. This is the reason for which we have chosen for you, to associate with the greatest names of the informatics such as Intel, CPanel or RedHat.

Our key technology-in hand allows you to have a server ready to employment:

Mail Server
web server
FTP Server
database server

You have the choice among our range of administration interfaces (Cpanel - Parralel - DirectAdmin - WebMin - Hsphere ... ) And The different operating systems in partnership (Cent Os - Ubuntu - redhat - Windows 2008 Server - Windows 2012 Server... )