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What can I register as a domain name?


What can I register as a domain name?

In .com .net .biz .info and .org

There is no special requirement for the posting of a .com .net .biz .info or .org domain name, except for its availability. So you just have to check the availability of the domain in the space provided for this purpose.

However, a domain name must meet certain synthax rules:

- only the lowercase letters of the alphabet A to Z, the digits 1 to 9 and the dashes can be used,

- nevertheless, your domain name can not be composed only of numbers and dashes,

- it can not begin or end with a dash.

Otherwise all names are allowed and there is no particular proof to provide.

Am I the owner of my domain name?

Of course !

We only manage your domain name for you. Your domain name belongs to you for the duration ordered with us.