Booking Software

Apache server 2.4.23
PHP version 5.6
MySQL version 5.6
MySQLi is required
Mod_rewrite is required
CURL is required
mb_string is required

Supported Browsers tested to work on the latest versions of all the most common web browsers (eg. Firefox, IE8, Opera, Chrome etc.
Also mobile devices, tablets and ipads, is completely responsive for both ends. supports all screen sizes.

  • Hotel Booking System(2)
  • Cars Booking system

Hotel Booking System(2)

  • Hotel Reservation in real time.
  • Booking platform Multilingual.
  • Management of children (age and discounts). 
  • Management of pensions.
  • Tariff management and promotional codes.
  • Availability management (stop sales / free sales).
  • Online payment management.
  • View the Google MAP route to your Hotel.
  • Booking management cancellation or change of date.
  • Last minute reservations.
  • Customer Area
  • Component of newsletter.
  • Dynamic booking management.
  • Multi-user access to the back office. 
  • Management of real-time statistical reports. 

Web hosting :Included
Security: SSL key 
Technical support: Included
Training: Included
Web referencing 'meta tags' Natural: Included
SEO Adword sponsored links:Optional

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