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Hotel Booking System

Special offer -90% hotel booking system
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One of the main advantages of having a website for the hotelier is not to pay commissions on reservations in other words the absence of commission.

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However, you need to integrate a reservation system on Your website and this will be much cheaper than the central booking commissions.

3 Key Benefits for the Hotelier:

  • - The annual fee of the reservation system of a website is much lower than the commissions paid to the platforms of types Booking, Expedia ...
  • - The reservation of stay through the site of your hotel allows you to retain customers.
  • - A better return on investment without commissions.

A study has divided the hotels into 3 different groups, the hotels only present on an online booking site of the type Booking, hotels that also have their own website and hotels that are not present on the Internet at all.

The study has clearly demonstrated that hotels with their own website with presence on the booking centers have the highest monthly income.

Nowadays the vast majority of consumers prefer to book on the internet. Investing in website having a booking engine is essential for your online presence and a good marketign degital.


In fact, it is enough to compare the budget of the annual commissions paid to the reservation centers, ie 10 to 20% of the turnover of a hotel, and the amount paid to your service provider for the rental or purchase of maintenance. A website with reservation system to realize the obvious.

  • Real time booking.
  • Web referencing 'meta tags' in search engines
  • Management of children (age and discounts).
  • Management of pensions.
  • Management of tariffs and promotional codes.
  • Online payment management.
  • Check the itinerary to your accommodation.
  • Management of cancellation requests
  • Dynamic management of "Booking" reservations
  • Customer area / Travel agency area.
  • Newsletter component.
  • Multilingual booking platform.
  • Multi-user access to the back office.
  • Management of reports and statistics
  • Responsive Design.
  • 100% Secure.

live demo

Below is a preview of Hotel Booking system . You can see both the front and the back-end and test all features.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

dashboard hotel booking system script
Admin Area
Password: admin
Customer Area
Password: login


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