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Zimbra solution pour messagerie


Zimbra Free: Offer for medical trades personalized e-mails based on medecin.ma ...
Zimbra Business: Create as many email boxes as you want based on your domain name
Zimbra Business + IP: E-mails based on your domain name with a white fixed IP
Zimbra Mail Server Pro: Have your mail server Zimbra pop, with the ability to add multiple domain names
Zimbra Collaboration is a collaboration and messaging solution

HeberDomaine and their hosted email solution Zimbra have saved us more time, money and technical headaches than you can imagine. "
Zimbra provides comprehensive e-mail, address book, calendar, and file-sharing features and is accessible from the Zimbra Web Client, MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and other email and mobile clients.

Zimbra delivers high availability by supporting virtualization and online backup and recovery, including individual mailboxes. Thanks to a rich and consistent user experience across all major platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) - online via an Internet browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari) and via MS Outlook, Thunderbird and other desktop clients - Zimbra increases user satisfaction while reducing training needs and costs of maintenance. The simplified navigation interface offers smooth conversation, complete editing and cut / paste features, as well as advanced and easy-to-use filters.

Powered by Zimbra Cloud
HeberDomaine Unified Email & Collaboration services utilize the powerful Zimbra Collaboration platform. This enterprise platform allows HeberDomaine
to deliver the latest cloud email, calendar, and collaboration capabilities right to your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Adjust easily
Increase (or decrease) accounts as your business expands. Or, upgrade existing accounts to increase collaboration functionality via our easy-to-use administrative interface. Whether your business requires one account or 1,000 accounts, HeberDomaine
has the ability to handle any-sized business.

Access everything from your mobile device
If you have access to a browser, you can perform essential tasks, including scheduling appointments, emailing contacts, and collaborating on documents.

Get a short return on investment
Pay for only the mailboxes you need, expensive hardware, licensing, or IT staff. An excellent alternative mail server!

Give your employees the tools to do well
XMission provides you with everything you need for success: email, contact management, calendaring, collaboration document, search, and more.

Streamline Administration
Instantly create, edit, or delete user accounts and features via the Zimbra admin interface.

Use Outlook natively
Sync mail, contact, tasks, and calendar between Windows Outlook and your XMission Premium account.

Integrate applications
Add features from third-party applications and sevices such as Anymeeting, Salesforce, OpenERP, Google Maps, and more.

Sleek AJAX Web Interface and easy IMAP / POP Access

Advanced, global Address Book
Exchange functionality for Outlook
Mobile Integration (Windows Mobile, iOS, and Android devices)
Calendaring (remote calendars, shared calendars, group calendars)
Document and File storage (with sharing)
Advanced searching