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Do you need a web site?

 Whether you are individual or representative of a company or an organization, you are at the right address! Welcome to Afoulki design, the pro of the design of the web sites.

You are a corporation, cooperative, association, organization, school, or you are a particular?
You want to have a platform that allows you better external communication?

With HEBERDOMAINE , your Web site will be in the hands of experts. HEBERDOMAINE goes beyond your ambitions and ensures you a design of web sites attractive, interactive, dynamic and high quality.

Visit the site of our pole of web hosting and domain names, HeberDomaine.com is at your service 24/24
respect for the property
we assure you the professional secrecy the data security and the respect of intellectual property are the pillars of our commitment with our customers, our contracts require us not to disclose information of professional order to a third person.
The Pros of the Web
It goes without say that Heberdomaine with Afoulki design, it is both a web host, a registrar of domains .my .com .net .., a box of creation of sites and SEO web, our approach aims the staffing of our customers innovative solutions adapted to their specific needs.
Continuous progress
HeberDoamine.com SARL is in constant progress, with a growth in its revenues of approximately 15% per year since 2005.
Thank you to all our customers for this great confidence.

Creation of web sites:

We offer you sites very attractive following the latest Cree of the technologies of the web and we offer you a varied range of attractive options and creative: Sites catalogs; self managed sites, sites e-shops.
The mission of Afoulki design is the design of sites in attractive lines, dynamic and very efficient in terms of marketing. You determine your preferences and your ideas, and we translate your imagination in concrete site reflecting your image of quality and highlighting the elements that you want to share with the world in a context fluid and very original. Whether you are an individual, a company, an institution or organization, Afoulki Design, we appeal to a team of web integrators and designers pros in the field of the digital image.

Our offerings include:

Auto-Géré Sites
The Site Auto-Géré allows you to put in value of your services.
• Interface of administration BackOffice
• Design Premium
• Respect for your graphic charter
• online under 10 days
• Training on the administration interface of the site
+easy to update that can be ensured by yourself, without having to know the programming languages.
+Compatibility with different browsers Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome…

Catalogs Sites
site catalog allows you to highlight the whole of your products.
• Online under 15 days
• simple management interface
• display of several images by product
• Development of promos
• Professional Design
• Training on the management interface
+a structuring clean and Quality (advanced graphics, sustainability of the format).
+Compatibility with different browsers Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome…

Sites vitrines
the showcase site allows you to have a presence on the Web.
• Online under 6 days
• Attractive Design
• Respect of the Charter graph
• The development of your company and its services.
• Creation or upgrade of the logo
• Contact and Reservation Forms …
• Georeferencing
+a multimedia presentation (image, sound, video, interactivity).
+Compatibility with different browsers Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome…


E-commerce sites

The online shop has the objective to increase your turnover in allowing the sale of your products and services online 24h by days 365 days.

The functions of the Shops allow an easy management of items to sell, the follow-up of the orders received as well as the receipt of payments online.

• A serious design
• The respect of your graphic charter
• Training on the management interface
• Shopping Cart
• quotes and invoices online
• Several method of payment
• Several methods of delivery
• promo and codes of discounts ….
• Put online in 20 days
+easy to update that can be ensured by yourself without having to know the programming languages.