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Why do you need a web site ?


 It is a real tool for growth for your business. It plays a major role in the increase of your visibility with your customers and suppliers.A web site e-commerce or catalog allows the increase of your turnover...

 If you are a trader, artisan, or head of the undertaking, the creation of an Internet site allows you to make known to the public at large in B2B (business customers) as in B2C (clients individuals) with presentation of your company, your activities, your products and services, articles related to your news, photos, podcasts, music playlists, videos and everything that the web can offer better. Rich, living and dynamic, the Internet site is a real effective communication tool to put in before your company, your activities, your products or services in all areas.

 You are a public figure, a professional sportsman, an actor, a musician, an Internet site allows you to communicate on yourself, your news, your performance, your schedule of tours, appointments sportsmen and you can easily sell articles of collection...
In the field of coding Web pages, we respect the standards of the W3C so as to improve the accessibility of your web site on different web browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, ...) and under different operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS...).

Professional referencing
the SEO is the submission of a site in the main search engines and directories.
90% of Internet users go through the search engines to find a product or a service. It is therefore crucial for a company to optimize adequately its site in order to attract the maximum number of potential customers. The aim of a good SEO is to increase the number of visitors on your site.
Advertise your promotions or special offers and sell your products online.

Thanks to our network of partners, you can reach more of Internet users.
• Indexing qualitatively your site in the databases of the robots of search engines.
• Develop the visibility and the positioning of your site on the Internet.
• Facilitate the access to your site thanks to the key words relating to the activities of your business.
• Significantly increase the traffic of your site with a public more qualified.
• Maintain the visibility of the site in the time and advance its positioning.
• Referencing of your website on more than 20 Search Engines Google, Yahoo, Excite, AOL, Kelkoo, that is,… More of 1000 directories.