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Useful Data about Webhosting


The Web Hosting Morocco is at its best with the new Web Hosting Packages Morocco. Including a Web Creator powerful and a free domain name *, our offerings represent the ideal solution for companies and individuals wishing to be visile on the Internet. Only from from 295 Dhs/year more than 175 Scripts / software free! Host multiple websites on 1 pack SSD Servers ultra-fast Web Creator with 850 models free domain name1 guarantee of satisfaction 30-days Web Hosting Franco - Moroccan , Web Hoster Canadian, Creator Web Hosting Drupal, Domain Name, Web hosting Joomla, Web Hosting Wordpress, Web hosting Quebec, Web Hoster Moroccan, webhost Web Site Web Host an Internet host (or Web host) is an entity with the vocation to put at the disposal of the users of the Web sites designed and managed it gives access to all Internet users in the contents deposited in their accounts by webmasters often via FTP software or a file manager. For this, it maintains computers connected 24 hours a day to the Internet (Web servers for example) by a connection to very high flow (several hundreds of Mbps), on which are installed software: HTTP server (often Apache), mail server, database... Categories of accommodation Most of the offers of accommodation are grouped into broad categories: the shared accommodation or mutualized: Each server hosts multiple sites, up to several thousands, and this for the purpose of pooling costs. The main advantage is the price, the main disadvantage is that the client to Shared is not the administrator of the server, so it is often dependent on the goodwill of the host if it wants a particular technology. In certain configurations of shared hosting, the user can be administrator of a virtual server on which its site is deployed. It continues, however, to share the system resources with the other clients mutualized. The dedicated accommodation: The customer then has its own server, and can in general the administer it as it wishes, what is the main advantage of this type of offer. The server supplier however remains the owner of the server. The disadvantages are: the much higher price than the shared hostings, and the need for skills to administer the machine correctly. The Virtual Hosting VPS dedicated via a hypervisor which offers the client the flexibility of a dedicated (the customer administers his machine to its convenience) by providing him with a virtual machine that uses a part of the resources of a server (physical) by virtualization techniques (it). The dedicated accommodation called "managed", with "Dedicated Server infogéré" or "Key in hand": The customer has its own server but the technicians of the host are involved in its management system. This solution is perfect if you have no technical knowledge on its administration. It is sufficient simply to remove its site. This type of accommodation is seeking to adapt to the needs. The roommate: the hoster puts in its data processing center, a space available to the customer, so that he can put his own server to the inside (most of the time in special cabinets appointed racks or "berries"). The host is also available to the customer an electric power supply cable and an Ethernet cable for it to power up and connect its server to the Internet. This system is supposed to be less expensive, since the rental of the server is not understood, but the security systems and badges in the data-processing centers may be more expensive than the rental. Most of the hosts are paying off, it remains a few free, the more often it is the tenders to appeal for their benefits paid, more rich in features and more efficient. Companies face many challenges at the level of the accommodation of their infrastructure and computer applications. Torn between the performance requirements vital for their activity and constraints in terms of expenditure and investment, they most often turn to the solutions privilégia