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E-mailing publicité électronique


Electronic advertising campaigns

Electronic advertising campaigns have become essential tools nowadays. HEBERDOMAINE.com SARL offers you very practical options making the task of online marketing easier.
E-marketing, including electronic advertising, e-mailing and information notes, one of the options offered by HEBERDOMAINE. In this era of globalization and globalization, being flexible is a necessity, especially in a field of new technologies. Ad Design makes your job easier and offers support for the distribution of your websites, your flyers, ads or others over an extensive network of up to 500,000 mailboxes.

Like companies promoting direct marketing, email will be your best solution and the ideal way to communicate with your current and potential customers. By submitting this service, we ensure the preparation of the message, the sending of mails, the follow-up of the sending of your campaign and the writing of the report of your E-mailing campaign.

heberdomaine accompanies you in the implementation of your projects by providing you with a powerful e-mailing tool that gives you the opportunity to make an optimal choice of your contacts according to personalized criteria: geographical location, source of contact, data sociodemographic, ...

Boost your ability to reach thousands of potential customers via e-mailing that makes it easier for you to get your ads and promotions for your products and / or services.