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How to choose VPS?

Your VPS (virtual private service) server devoted within reach hand

The semi-devoted VPS accommodation allows you to rent an unique server (or mastered) for your site. This type of accommodation can efficiently meet requirements of your site having important needs in terms of bandwidth. You will be able to benefit from desired performances according to your budget and to your requirements. You will have a space at your disposal server made to order, what allows you installations and to stock different data of your site. The main nuance of the devoted server is that this offer is higher forcing in term of cost. Big advantage, it is quality, speed and comfort of time of load of pages.

You can manage this to you the same if you have competences of it (attention it is a job!), but you can entrust this work to the experienced partner that we are job of which is our to dedicate you to other things. We assure the installation of the correctives of security, the regular update of your operating system and the daily monitoring of your strategy of maintenance of data.

A server VPS ' virtual private server ' is easy to use and introduces a weak cost compared with a devoted accommodation. The administration of the server and the shape of software don't ask for particular knowledge (though a minimum however). Everything is made to make for you easier work and management of your space. The main disadvantage of mutualisés is the fact that on average 50 - 1000 sites can be accommodated on the same server. In that case, the available power for every user isn't devoted of course and you can suffer consequences of the neighboring sites (bandwidth, white IP address).

The virtual server VPS

Since you begin receiving more than 1000 visits a day, it can be preferable to move your site towards a competitive accommodation of type VPS. It is a compromise enters the devoting and the mutualisé. The advantage of this type of server is that he allows the control of the server similarly than a devoted server. You share a hard disk with other users, but your virtual server keeps his central processor, as well as his allocation memory and CPU. All that will be affected under no circumstances by other users of the hard disk. As long as the number of your simultaneous visitors is envisaged in the parameters of your VPS, you won't have to care on the performance of your site.

For some years, with the arrival of the modern hyperviewfinders KVM for example, offer in virtual devoted servers takes the relay by bringing you suppleness and robustness of a devoted server, suppleness and security of virtualisation, accessibility at the level of the rate, the immediate power of its facilities.