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CHow to interact on social media with your community? How to manage the reputation of your brand on the social web? All these issues are at the heart of the development of your social media strategy. we will accompany you to optimize your presence on social media. OBJECTIVES · Strengthen your customer relationship and your reputation · Reach your targets on the right social networks · Develop brand awareness on audience hubs Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or Viadeo: creating social accounts allows you to take advantage of sharing features that promote the virality and notoriety of your organization. However, each social network has its own specificities: our social network experts manage the opening and the complete setting of your accounts on social media. The social web is an environment to promote your marketing buzz HOW TO SUCCESS YOUR VIRAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN? Want to promote a product, service or offer on social media? With the phenomenon of propagation, the information is disseminated to a maximum of users in a short time. Viral marketing allows your organization or brand to increase its visibility on the social media. OBJECTIVES · Promote your products or services quickly · Spread your message to as many people as possible · Generate new sales SPONSORED LINKS FACEBOOK Facebook is the # 1 social network on the web. Facebook offers the possibility to create different advertising formats with personalized targeting and according to your objectives: "publication promotions" to increase the commitment of your community, "sponsored publications" to highlight an event, a product ... The "Facebook Ads" to generate visits to your website ... AFOULKI International, webmarketing agency, will advise you in choosing the best advertising format according to your expectations and your budget. The creation of an advertisement on Facebook allows a very precise targeting according to the geographical position, the sex, the age, the centers of interest, the love situation, etc. Creating an advertisement on Facebook requires the creation of a page for your company. The latter offers you the following advantages: · A continuous presence on the most used social network in the world in order to gain notoriety. · A modern and up-to-date image of your products and services. · A community of fans. · Viral communication. It is possible to add to your website a link to your Facebook page. In one click visitors to your site can "LOVE" your page. This will allow you to quickly increase your number of fans. LINKEDIN SPONSORED LINKS LinkedIn has more than 300 million members worldwide and nearly 500,000 in Morocco. When you create an ad, you can restrict it to specific members based on their industry, position, age, geography, and more. Members who do not meet your criteria will not see your advertising. LinkedIn also allows you to create a page for your business. This page is an opportunity to present your structure, whether it is its philosophy, expertise, offers, team, etc. SPONSORED LINKS VIADEO Do you want to be visible to a target of professional prospects? Do you want to recruit new employees and partners or promote a product or service? Viadeo offer paid advertising based on targeting criteria to refine (by sector of activity, size of company, degree of activity within the network ...). Thus, you will have the opportunity to reach a proactive, qualified and engaged audience through various formats (static, animated, or video). SPITORED LINKS TWITTER Twitter is a useful promotional tool, especially if you want to highlight the quality of your expertise in a particular area. On the same principle as Facebook, Twitter offers different paid advertising depending on your budget and goals: sponsored tweets, sponsored accounts, and sponsored videos. Google Display Adword Adword targets users who have searched for keywords related to your service activity or products your "ads" configure on the interface "Google Adword" appears on google.com above with the icon "AD", The Display Network is a collection of partner websites and specific Google websites that serve adwords ads. It includes for example Google Finance, Gmail, Blogger and YouTube. But that's not all: the network also includes mobile sites and apps. By displaying ads on the Display Network, you can reach a wide range of people with different interests, choose the pages you want to appear on, and engage users with attractive announcement. The benefits of the Google Display Network If your goal is to attract customers and spread an engaging message about your business, showing on the Display Network will help you. Display ads (for example, image ads or video ads) can really boost the performance of your online campaigns and make a big impression on your customers. · Adword champagne can increase your sales by 250% among users exposed to sponsored links + Illustrated Banners, compared to users who have not seen any ads.