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Cloud VPS Frequently Asked Questions


How do I add more virtual machines?

All you have to do to add additional virtual machines is place an order. Make sure you select a unique hostname for each virtual machine you add. Billing and invoices for each Cloud VPS virtual machine are processed individually, and you can manage each one independently in the A2 Hosting Customer Portal

How do I switch a virtual machine to an SSD drive?

Unfortunately, if you did not choose the SSD Storage option when you first ordered your virtual machine, you cannot add it to an existing virtual machine later. This is because SSD storage resides on a different storage pool.

If you want to switch a virtual machine to SSD storage, you must first copy any data on the existing virtual machine that you want to keep. Then you can destroy the virtual machine, deploy a new one with the SSD option enabled, and copy your data to the new virtual machine.

Does A2 Hosting back up my virtual machine?

No, A2 Hosting does not provide backup services for Cloud VPS hosting at this time. You are responsible for creating and maintaining your own backups. Please make sure you back up important data to another server.

We are currently exploring possible backup solutions for Cloud VPS hosting.

Is there an API available?

No, A2 Hosting is not providing API (Application Programming Interface) access to our cloud at this time.

However, we are working on a virtual data center product that we hope will be available in the near future. This product will include API access. Stay tuned to our blog and newsletter for product announcements!