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What is the address of HOST MYSQL?


What is the address of HOST MYSQL?

You access your database with the login and password chosen and as host: localhost

How to back up your database with phpMyAdmin?

Go to your phpMyAdmin, select the relevant database, and go to the Export tab

1 - In the Export frame, select the tables you want to save, and select the SQL format.

2 - In SQL options, check Structure and Data.

3 - Finally, in the Transmit box, check Transmit, then click Execute.

NB: Depending on the size of your database, you can also select a compression mode.

Error on a php page connecting to my database

Error: mysql: this user has already reached max_user_connections.

You have a maximum number of simultaneous connections to your
mysql database. This error message appears when all connections are active at the same time.