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How to import database in prestashop ?


how to import database in prestashop ?

PrestaShop have tools to import products from CSV, you can check it in BO > Advanced Parameters > CSV Import. You can choose what you want to import, products, categories, attributes etc. If your file is too big you supposed to split it to few small files.


Prestashop themes for import/autoinstallation should be packed by another way, zip file must contain: themes/your-theme-folder/ and Config.xml file where described which modules have to be enabled/disbaled etc.

In your case solution is:

  1. Unpack zip into shop /themes/ folder.
  2. In backoffice Preferences -> Themes at the bottom Create new theme, set theme name and name of folder that was unpacked from zip in your case there will be bikecycle_theme.
  3. Then follow next steps, you can ignore modules stage for now etc.

As result, after you will press "Finish" button, new theme will be installed.