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How do I upload my site?

How do I upload my site?


So this has happened: You are a happy owner of a hosting account, and you want to fill it with content – files. While you still seem happy, deep inside yourself, you start rambling on how to upload files and what a hassle this can turn out to be. But we will stop you right there: It’s not hard and we will prove it to you.

There are several ways to upload a site – we will provide you with the most common ones:

1. Go to cPanel > Files section > File Manager menu:

2. You will be taken to home directory by default:

From here you can move to the root folder for your website. If you wish to upload the content for the main domain, navigate to public_html directory:

3. If you want to view hidden system files such as .htaccess or others, click on Setting in the right top corner:

And enable Show Hidden Files (dotfiles) in the pop-up window:

4. Hit Upload button:

5. Then click on Select File or simply drag-and-drop the need files from your local machine:

6. Once uploaded, you will see this message:

7. You can also Extract or Compress archives which is very helpful and fast especially when uploading/downloading multiple files:

You can find a more detailed guide on how to use File Manager in cPanel here.

While File Manager is instantly accessible via cPanel and does not need to be installed additionally, it is considered to be less convenient than an FTP client.