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Good choice to host my website Windows Hosting


 Your Internet site has been developed for Windows?

 Our different formulas of Windows hosting offer you storage spaces highly secured 2 GB to 25 GB on the shared space and up to several Téras on dedicated servers.

Choose the package that suits you among our new range of offer of accommodation:

 An accommodation to launch in any simplicity.
 An economic formula and complements well dimensioned.
 A size adapted to the professional requirements
We offer you its ACCOMMODATION on Server with Operating system Windows 2008 Server. You get the Microsoft   tools and technologies such as ASP .NET Frontpage ... and Access databases, SQL Server or mysql.

We put at your disposal a free and unlimited technical support, by mail or by phone.

If you want to have more of web space to store your data, we are able to make you of the offers of accommodation Linux on very quickly.