Employment and Internship

Job offer or pre-hire training for 9 positions for 2017:

  1. 1. A Sysadmin Technical Support Administrator Linux Servers Redhat Centos Shell / Bash (Experience Required)
  2. 2. Two sales 'web service marketing'.
  3. 3. A SEO - Social Media Management FaceBook, Editor in French and english
  4. 4. An Android / IOS mobile developer.
  5. 5. A web-designer photoshop and Illustrator for website.
  6. 6. An Integrator - webmaster (Experience required) CSS3 HTML5, PHP / Mysql, CMS: Prestashop Wordpress Magento ...
  7. 7. A project manager Software engineer, master of web project management tools good knowledge of web programming, design - integration - HTML5 / CSS3 php / Mysql spirit of organization and leadership...
  8. 8. A confirmed accountant: Accounting and Social Payroll CNSS, Control Audit, HRM and Customer Management. Workplace: We recruit people with a good command of computer science and the Internet with or without a diploma. We offer good working conditions: friendly climate, a good salary, bonuses, CNSS, leaves … The candidate must (depending on the position) master the following tools:
    1. Perfect command of the French language.
    2. Webdesign Illustrations ....
    3. Webmastring integration of the templates in wordpress and prestashop
    4. Web development php / Mysql
    5. Basic knowledge in marketing services.
    6. Rapid adaptability, team spirit, initiative and organization.
    7. SysAdmin Linux CentOS Ubuntu and / or Windows Server, MSSQLSrever
    8. Knowledge in DNS domain name management and solving technical problems related to web hosting linux and/or windows.
    9. Please send your CV to: grh@heberdomaine.com for any information please call: +212 662 16 18 18