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  • Site Builder, site web en quelques clics
    Creation site web maroc
    Creation site web gratuit maroc
    Aucune connaissance en programmation requise.
    Creation site web gratuit maroc
    Editeur Drag & Drop.
    Creation site web gratuit maroc
    Plus de 350 modèles ultra modernes.
    Creation site web gratuit maroc
    Nom de domaine et hébergement inclus.
    Creation site web gratuit maroc
    Optimisé pour les appareils mobiles.
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    Go-hotel online booking php script
    Real time
    Payment by paypal
    credit card ...
    Channel manager
    Revenue management: The management of receipts
    for room by day, month / 3months ...
    Report Management and
    SEO-friendly, compatible with search
    engines Google, Yahoo, Bing ...
    Pension management
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  • -CAR Booking SOFTWARE
    Go-Car online booking php script
    Real time
    Discounts according to
    the duration of booking
    Transfer Price / Km
    Quote and invoice
    Payment by paypal
    credit card ...
    Notification Management:
    Insurance, Vidanges ...
    Revenue management: revenue
    management by car, per day ...
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    Go-OTA online booking php software
    Real time
    Add your own
    travel products
    Admin area, Client
    area and Extranet
    API integration
    B2B - B2C Platform
    Payment by paypal
    credit card ...
    SEO-friendly, compatible with search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing ...
    The tools of Natural Web SEO are included.
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  • Zimbra mail server
    Creation site web maroc
    Email Security
    Email Collaboration
    Anywhere, Any Device
    Bring Together Emails
    Business-class email
    Secure communication
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  • Your customized website
    Creation site web maroc
    Design, deploy and animate your digital ecosystem.
    More than 13 years of experience in web service.
    37,000 customers, 9,000 sites created, 78,000 hosted domains.
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  • logo cpanel hebergement web maroc
    Electronic advertising, E-mailing or SMS sending.
    Increase your sales by prospecting new customers
    and new markets.
    logo cpanel hebergement web maroc
    cpanel  Hosting heberger mon site web maroc
    SMS texto
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  • logo cpanel hebergement web maroc
    Search engine optimisation
    Improve your reputation and increase the number of visitors to your site.
    logo SSL thawte comodo site internet agence web maroc
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  • host- hebergement web maroc
    Domain name
    New extensions
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  • host- hebergement web maroc
    SSD Hosting
    SSD Fast and Stable
    Mini SSD
    Pro SSD
    SSD plus
    of your server
    Full backup
    of the server
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  • host- hebergement web maroc
    Cloud VPS
    New Generation
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    logo debian hebergement web maroc
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Search and register a DOMAIN NAME for your web identity

The best offers for Moroccan WEB Hosting

HEBERDOMAINE presents three plans of web hosting: LINUX, SSD and WINDOWS.
Choose the plan that's sweet your need

Linux Hosting


$31 USD
Best offer
  • Disk space: 100 Gb
  • Bandwidth: 50 Gb
  • Possibility to host: 1 website
  • E-mail accounts: 50
  • FTP accounts: unlimited
  • Data bases: unlimited
  • Sub-domains: unlimited
  • Memory limit: 512 Mb
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SSD Hosting

Perso SSD

$52 USD
Best offer
  • Disk space: 10 Gb
  • Bandwidth: 500Gb/m
  • Possibility to host: 1 websites
  • E-mail accounts: 10
  • FTP accounts: 10
  • Data bases: 10
  • Sub-domains: 10
  • Memory limit: 1024 Mb
Compare offers

Windows Hosting Plesk


$73 USD
Best offer
  • Disk space: 10 Gb
  • Bandwidth: 50 Gb
  • Possibility to host: 1 websites
  • E-mail accounts: 10
  • Panel: Parallel/Plesk
  • Data bases: 5
  • Parked domains: 1
  • Memory limit: 1 Gb
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hebergement web vps maroc

With our cloud VPS solutions, get the power of a cloud server while enjoying the simplicity and price of a VPS

Fully managed, ultra-fast, web control panel with 24GB of RAM!

  • Cpanl, Direct Admin, Plesk
  • Disk Space: 300 GB
  • RAM memory: 4 GB
  • CPU processor: 2 Hearts
  • Port: 100 MB / s
  • SSH Access Root + VNC Access
  • Reliability and performance
  • Free installation.

32 $/month
certificat scurit ssl maroc

Switch your site to HTTPS and protect the confidential data of your website, encrypt the transactions of your e-commerce site, improve your SEO and generate trust.

Secure your online payments and customer data with an SSL certificate

  • https instead of http a vital choice.
  • Let your site inspire confidence.
  • Free installation.
  • Certification: COMODO, Thawte, Verisign ...
  • Encryption of your choice 128/256 Bits
  • Key 2048 bits or more
  • Compatibility with 99% of browsers
  • SSL EV green bar

52 $/year
e-mail pro messagerie zimbra maroc

Professional email messaging solutions that meet the needs of your business.

Create your personalized email address to represent your business.

  • Professional and collaborative email on your domain name
  • Antispam Antivirus included.
  • Simplified navigation interface.
  • Compatible with client mails: Outolook, Thunderbird, Mac ...
  • Answering Machine and Email Redirection
  • Instant Messaging

62 $/year

Website creation

A website is a real growth tool for your business. It plays a big role in increasing your visibility with your customers and suppliers or fun.

If you are a retailer, a craftsman or an entrepreneur, the creation of a website allows you to make yourself known to the general public in B2B (professional clients) and in B2C (retail clients) with presentation of your company, your Activities, products and services, articles, news, photos, podcasts, music, videos and all that the web can offer the best. rich, lively and dynamic, the website is an effective communication tool to promote your company, your activities, your products or services in all areas.

You are a public figure, a professional a company, a sportsman, a comedian, a musician, a website allows you to communicate about yourself, your news, your performances, your schedule of tours, sports appointments...

In terms of web page coding, we comply with W3C standards in order to improve the accessibility of your website to different web browsers (FireFox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, ...) and different systems Operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS ...)

Free estimate

Professional SEO

SEO is the submission of a site in major search engines and directories.
90% of Internet users go through search engines to find a product or service. It is therefore essential for a company to optimize its web site in order to attract as many potential customers as possible. The goal of a good SEO is to increase the number of qualified visitors to your site.

Advertise your promotions or special offers and sell your products online.
Thanks to our network of partners, GOOGLE FACEBOOK LINKEDIN .... you can reach more people.

  • Qualitatively index your site on search engines and social networks.
  • Develop the visibility and positioning of your website on the internet.
  • Facilitate access to your site with keywords related to your business activities.
  • Significantly increase traffic to your site with a more qualified audience.
  • Maintain visibility of the site over time and advance its positioning.
  • Be visible in more than 20 search engins and social networks: Google, Yahoo, Excite, AOL,Facebook, Linkedin, Viadeo, Twitter...
Choose a plan

Electronic advertising

Heberdomaine help you to build a powerful strategies by putting at your disposal powerful e-mailing tools that allow you to select your contacts according to criteria of your choice (geographic location, age, gender, socio-demographic data ...) and which facilitates the diffusion of your advertisements, E-marketing campaigns are very economical.

Heberdomaine offers a database of more than 2,500,000 e-mails and 1,600,000 reliable GSM B to B and B to C

  • Design and integration in HTML
  • Counseling and preparation of the wording 'TEXTE'
  • Massive distribution of your promotions ...
  • Improved brand awareness and customer loyalty
  • HTML Cutting Your Flayer
  • Acquisition of new customers, immediate and massive sales
  • Follow-up of the report delivery campaign (within 1/3 days after the Emailing / SMS carried out)


Tourism has a very important place in the economy of most countries. It is essential for the players in this industry (hotel, travel agency, car rental, excursions, tour operator, etc.) to have a good international trade policy.

Heberdomaine has elaborately developed online booking systems to the standards of the world's largest known tourist booking solution.

'ALLINONE TRAVEL' is an automated reservation system that manages the online distribution of various tourist products such as: hotel rooms, cars, flights, excursions, packaging offer, promotion management, customer loyalty, online payment, statistics.

'ALLINONE TRAVEL' is easy to use, optimized for search engines with meta tags 'SEO'.

It is a constantly evolving solution in line with the tourism market.

'ALLINONE TRAVEL' Multi-lingual and Multilingual Script to better contextualize with foreign customers.

Free estimate

News of Heberdomaine

Campagne SMS E-mailing Marketing


Adopter des supports de marketing directe pour cibler vos clients potentiels en toute efficience. De nos jours, l’e-mailing est un outil de communication idéals pour véhiculer une information. L’emailing est un canal de communication efficaces et plus rentables. Ils sont intégrés à de nombreuses campagnes de communication et de promotion grâce ...

Le web a trente ans


Le web a été créé il y a 30 ans, le 12 mars 1989 en Suisse. Google a dévoilé un Doodle pour célébrer l'anniversaire de cette invention désormais indispensable dans notre quotidien. Pour être précis, le 12 mars 1989 correspond au jour où la 1er document présentant le concept du world wide web a été rédigé par les informaticiens du Conseil européen pour la recherche nucléaire ...

Google lance les publicités de produits intégrés dans Google Images


Le géant du search vient d’annoncer le lancement de « shoppable ads » sur Google Images. Ces images seront taguées avec des produits achetables directement depuis Google Images. Google n’est pas allé chercher bien loin son nouveau format publicitaire. Il s’est directement inspiré de ce que font Pinterest et Instagram : une image contenant des produits « tagués » et qui sont ...

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