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Web hosting, Domain names, SSL and e-mail.

TOS Related to the registration of .ma domain names:
- Convention .ma domain name / ANRT

- Terms of sales website creation


Heberdomaine respects:

  • The provisions of Law 09-08 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data.
  • The provisions provided by Law 31-08 enacting consumer protection measures.
  • The provisions of Law 53-05 on the electronic exchange of legal data.

1. Object

1.1. HeberDomaine.com provides a web hosting service and / or domain name.
1.2. The purpose of this contract is to define the technical and financial conditions under which HeberDomaine.com and the customer mutually commit.

2. Server Access and Outsourcing

2.1. is committed to making every effort to ensure the permanence, continuity and quality of the services it offers.
2.2. However, HEBERDOMAINE reserves the right to suspend exceptionally and briefly the accessibility of servers for any maintenance or improvement of its services.
2.3 Outsourcing for dedicated servers and VPS / Cloud:
2.3.1 One-off outsourcing is invoiced on time for a specific mission. Depending on the mission you have entrusted to us, we will communicate to you in advance the estimated duration of the intervention. Installation of your server according to your needs, update of the operating system ... Installing or updating a software, a mail server, a web server, a business application ... Configuring different Apache modules ... Securing your server, installing a Firewall ... Support for a technical incident Establishment of a safeguard policy Installation of different accounts for the installation of your websites (ftp, mysql etc …)

2.3.2 Outsourcing monthly contract:

  1. The initial installation: Installation of the operating system and the different software corresponding to your initial needs (operating system at the partner's choice) Monitoring your server and different hosted services Setting up backups for your server Setting up a Firewall
  2. Support: The 'proactive' management of technical incidents (hardware and software) within a guaranteed response time of 2 working days Single point of contact: technical support per ticket and telephone
  3. Administration: Regular updating of the operating system and software Installing security patches From 2h / month of common system administration tasks. 3. Support HEBERDOMAINE provides technical assistance by e-mail, telephone, Live Chat and Ticket.

3. Service prices, billing, regulations

3.1. The prices of services offered are those listed on the website www.heberdomaine.com, they are exclusive of taxes and are payable in Moroccan Dhs, Euro or $ in advance, and on receipt of the proforma invoice, for a period Annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly.

3.2. The invoices are payable in advance and upon receipt, for the period specified in the invoice, payment of the invoices is made at the choice of the customer, by bank transfer, Moroccan bank card, Paypal, cash, La Poste CCP, Wafacash or any Other method of payment offered by HEBERDOMAINE

3.3.For a late payment, HeberDomaine.com SARL suspends the operation of the service and / or terminates the contract with immediate effect and without compensation.

3.4. Unpaid accounts and servers will be deemed abandoned and will be terminated.
3.5. 30 days before the expiry date of the domain, HeberDomaine.com sends the invoice to the e-mail box of the account, the invoice must be paid before the expiration date of the domain name.

3.6. Domains not renewed before their expiry dates will be subject to an increase to be renewable within 30 days of the expiry date.

3.7. The backups of shared accommodation are made by HEBERDOMAINEregularly and are subject to restoration subject to paying the service fee.

4. Responsibilities

4.1. In no event shall HeberDomaine.com be liable for any liability whatsoever resulting from any third party action or remedy, the customer shall guarantee HeberDomaine.com of any possible condemnation in this respect, in particular as a result of: Information, images, sounds, texts, videos contrary to the laws and regulations in force, contents broadcast on the site (s) of the client. Of the infringement of the intellectual property rights relating to the works broadcast, in whole or in part, on the site or sites of the client without the agreement of their author.

4.2 Suspension and / or termination of the accounts, in particular as a result of the non-payment of sums due in execution of this contract, and more generally due to non-performance of the obligations of the customer as set by these conditions.

4.3. Furthermore, because of the characteristics and limits of the Internet that the customer declares perfectly known, HeberDomaine.com can not be held responsible for: Difficulties in accessing the hosted site due to the saturation of the networks at certain times, the virus contamination of the client's data and / or software, the protection of which rests with the client.

Third-party malicious intrusions into the customer's site, despite the reasonable security measures in place. Possible misappropriation of passwords, confidential codes, and more generally any sensitive information for the client.

4.4. It is contrary to the policy of the client to perform or participate in any of the following activities: Send bulk e-mails to people who have not requested it ("Junk mail" or "Spamming").

Thus, any mass mailing of unsolicited e-mail by their recipients is strictly prohibited. Penetrate or attempt to enter unauthorizedly into a computer system. Hosting of racist, pornographic or illegal sites and those with hypertext links to these types of sites.

4.5. HeberDomaine.com reserves the right to interrupt, at any time, the accommodation contract, if it comes to notice of the non-respect of one of the provisions of the articles above, A bad handling of the account FTP, HTTP, MAIL or databases, ... causing technical damage of its servers. In these cases, HeberDomaine.com will not make any refund.

5. Restrictions and limitations of service:

HeberDomain.com will do its best to notify customers who use scripts using too much system resources before suspending them. On the other hand, if the scripts cause problems to other clients or if they take a lot of resources they can be stopped without notice.

The customer is warned that the use not in conformity with the above mentioned may be of such a nature as to render the operation of the site on the shared hosting platform incompatible. HEBERDOMAINE is not liable for any claims or damages arising out of the Customer's loss of data or the impossibility of obtaining access to the Internet or To receive it.

HeberDomaine.com makes backups, which can be used in case of system failure. However, Heberdomaine.com SARL does not offer data recovery services for its Customers. Heberdomain.com SARL can not be held liable for any loss of data, data corruption, access difficulties or impossibility, slow connection, or any other problem resulting from the system. In its sole discretion, restrict or deny access to its servers in the event that Heberdomaine.com SARL considers that such limitations or denials of access are necessary to preserve the security or integrity of the network.

6. Duration, renewal and termination of contract

6.1. The contract is concluded for an annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly period starting from the date of signature of these conditions.

6.2. Renewal of subscriptions is not tacit, the customer is required to pay his invoice so that his service or domain is renewed.

6.3. Any denunciation must be made by E-mail, Telephone or registered letter sent to: HeberDomaine.com at the latest one month before the anniversary date of the contract.

7. Obligation to provide information

The customer agrees to update his information (including change of address, tel, etc.) directly on his customer account at HeberDomaine.com.

8. Applicable law - Assignment of jurisdiction

The present contract is governed by the Moroccan law, any dispute concerning the interpretation or the execution of the present will be the competence of the Court of Commerce of Agadir or any other court chosen by the client in Morocco.